Myron: Sworn Protector.

Angel: Survivor, now Guardian.

Us together = Courage Combatives.

A unique dynamic to self-defense, fitness, martial arts, combat sports, & optimal performance training.

Courage Combatives is a New Orleans based company that is dedicated to making people stronger, safer, and more confident in their everyday lives. We aim to provide training that is realistic and relevant, but still enjoyable to our students.

Our team consists of Coaches Myron Gaudet & Angel Lia. We provide group & private training to all who understand the critical need for defensive training in today’s rapidly changing world. This includes organizations, families, first responders & individuals.

We teach a well rounded system that draws from proven, modern martial arts and tactical training methods. Our material is also compliant with and understanding of the legal and ethical standards of self defense law.

To put it simply, we are dedicated to training our students to make good decisions under bad conditions so they can go home safe after a potentially threatening situation.