Our Team:

Myron: Sworn Protector.

Angel: Survivor, now Guardian.

Us together = Courage Combatives.

A unique dynamic to self-defense, fitness, martial arts, & combat sports.

Myron Gaudet

-Head Coach

-Lifetime Martial Artist

-Meditation Instructor

-Law Enforcement Specialist

-Professional & Amateur Licensed MMA Referee

Angel Lia Spitale

-SAG Professional Stunt Woman

-Martial Artist

-Personal Trainer

-Women’s Self Defense Instructor

-Striking/Boxing Instructor

-Abuse & Sexual Assault Guardian

Justin Copling

- Instructor / Assistant Coach

- Advanced Striker

Incorporated styles :

- Boxing

- Muay Thai

- Dutch & American Kick boxing

- Advanced Grappler

Incorporated Styles :

- Brazilian jiu jitsu

- Wrestling

- Japanese jiu jitsu

Robert (Bob Maga) Minjarez, is a civilian Kravmaga Instructor and a Force Training Kravmaga Instructor for Law Enforcement personnel. He has practiced this street self defense discipline for 13 years. He has also studied many different martial arts which include Judo, Boxing, Kuk Sool Won, Blauer SPEAR training, & Tae Kwon Do . He has practiced these martial arts for the last 35 years, and is currently a law enforcement officer where he teaches police academy recruits.

Louie Congemi

Started training at 8 years old.

Backgrounds in Tae Kwan Do, Hanmudo, Hapkido, jiu-jitsu, krav maga, boxing, kick boxing.

Taught women's self defense and situational awareness along with workplace self defense.

" We train in violence in order to prevent violence"