"My daughter, Sophie began training at 14 and is now 16. It has given her enormous confidence, her reflexes are quick and she feels in control. She is overall happier and her grades have improved. Even her teachers have begun to comment how she is positive individual, a good listener 

and participates regularly. She is not a fan of team sports and prefers smaller venues and individual attention. The positives of her training are very apparent and I would definitely recommend it for any age student."


Real people, true progress, hard work that has built confidence.

Sophie M, 16, student

Tonya M, Mother of Sophie

Doug Foreman, 47,

Owner of Onsite Medical.

“I found courage combative because I train MMA and they have fun and challenging classes. I’ve trained with them for a while now and they have helped me grow tremendously. If you want to build character and challenge yourself to be better, then I would strongly recommend joining the Courage Combative team. Myron and Angel are caring and very experienced instructors whom can help you whether you are just starting out, or an experienced vet. Take the time to give them a chance and you WILL NOT regret it.”

"I started training with Myron over 8 years ago. I was going through a difficult divorce and needed a new focus. In the beginning, one of the things I appreciated was the pace and patience of the coaching. I had barely any martial arts experience and Myron gradually trained me in a way that was comfortable yet challenging. Both he and Angel use a systematic approach that supports all levels of fitness and capability. I find the program to be an incredible way to stay in shape and the confidence gained from the experience cannot be overstated. They are both excellent at what they do, and I’d recommend Courage Combatives to anyone at any level."

Bryson, 26, Electrician by trade. 

“Courage Combatives has helped me in many ways . Mainly how to control my anger and project it into a positive way. Everything I’ve learned will definitely be used in my every day life, especially, since I’m a first responder .The positive energy I receive from Angel and Myron is on another wavelength. It’s very refreshing.  On the positive note you keep yourself in shape and you can kick some ....  it’s always good to know how to defend yourself. 

I definitely recommend everyone to try out Courage Combatives.”

"I found CC while looking for a setting where I could complete certain challenges for myself both physically and mentally. I train because I see myself as an athlete who finds passion in competition.Training with CC helped me break out of my shell and become more confident, while also helping others with similar goals along the way. I would recommend CC for anyone looking to better themselves. The staff is awesome, you can tell that they enjoy what they do. Check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!"

Vilma, 35 , Firefighter  

Ben, 22, Sponsored Athlete