Customizable Workshops Available. We love a good challenge!!!
-Combatives & Self Defense. -Japanese Jiu Jitsu. -Kickboxing. -Boxing. -Anti-Bullying & Abduction. -Family/Corporate Group/Church Workshops -Animal Flow Fitness. -Intro to Mixed Martial Arts. -Blauer Tactical SPEAR. -Adaptive Force Decisions (Law Enforcement Only) -Conditioning/ general fitness. -Legal & ethical considerations of self defense training. -Home Security. -First Responder Training. (Humane restraint, handcuffing, transportation, and safe handling.)
Group/Semi-Private/One on one instruction & Youth courses:
How can we help make you safer and more confident?
Corporate seminars, family workshops, school demonstrations, church locations, coffee talks...
We offer a large array of self-defense, fitness, martial arts, combat sports, weapons training, First Responder support, and training, life/personal coaching.
-Women’s Self Defense -Close Quarter Combat for Concealed Carry -Bar & Nightclub Security -Travel Safe -Off To College -Situational Awareness -Critical Incident Decision Making -De escalation/Handling Hostile Customers -Conflict Communication